Division Two – Fixtures/Results

24th Apr 2024Brewer Street ClubvAylesford Club
Walnut Tree AvFirst & Last
Good Intent BvWateringbury Club B
Cherry Tree AvCoach House B
1st May 2024First & LastvBrewer Street Club
Wateringbury Club BvWalnut Tree A
ByevGood Intent B
Coach House BvBye
Aylesford ClubvCherry Tree A
8th May 2024Brewer Street ClubvWateringbury Club B
Walnut Tree AvBye
Good Intent BvCoach House B
ByevCherry Tree A
First & LastvAylesford Club
15th May 2024ByevBrewer Street Club
Coach House BvWalnut Tree A
Cherry Tree AvGood Intent B
Aylesford ClubvBye
Wateringbury Club BvFirst & Last
22nd May 2024Brewer Street ClubvCoach House B
Walnut Tree AvCherry Tree A
Good Intent BvBye
First & LastvBye
Wateringbury Club BvAylesford Club
29th May 2024Cherry Tree AvBrewer Street Club
ByevWalnut Tree A
Aylesford ClubvGood Intent B
Coach House BvFirst & Last
ByevWateringbury Club B
5th Jun 2024Brewer Street ClubvBye
Walnut Tree AvGood Intent B
First & LastvCherry Tree A
Wateringbury Club BvCoach House B
ByevAylesford Club
12th Jun 2024Good Intent BvBrewer Street Club
Aylesford ClubvWalnut Tree A
ByevFirst & Last
Cherry Tree AvWateringbury Club B
Coach House BvBye
19th Jun 2024Brewer Street ClubvWalnut Tree A
First & LastvGood Intent B
Wateringbury Club BvBye
ByevCherry Tree A
Coach House BvAylesford Club
26th Jun 2024 - Free Week
3rd Jul 2024 - Singles Knockout Cup
10th Jul 2024 - Free Week (EURO 2024 semi-final)
17th Jul 2024Aylesford ClubvBrewer Street Club
First & LastvWalnut Tree A
Wateringbury Club BvGood Intent B
Coach House BvCherry Tree A
24th Jul 2024Brewer Street ClubvFirst & Last
Walnut Tree AvWateringbury Club B
Good Intent BvBye
ByevCoach House B
Cherry Tree AvAylesford Club
31st Jul 2024Wateringbury Club BvBrewer Street Club
ByevWalnut Tree A
Coach House BvGood Intent B
Cherry Tree AvBye
Aylesford ClubvFirst & Last
7th Aug 2024Brewer Street ClubvBye
Walnut Tree AvCoach House B
Good Intent BvCherry Tree A
ByevAylesford Club
First & LastvWateringbury Club B
14th Aug 2024Coach House BvBrewer Street Club
Cherry Tree AvWalnut Tree A
ByevGood Intent B
ByevFirst & Last
Aylesford ClubvWateringbury Club B
21st Aug 2024Brewer Street ClubvCherry Tree A
Walnut Tree AvBye
Good Intent BvAylesford Club
First & LastvCoach House B
Wateringbury Club BvBye
28th Aug 2024ByevBrewer Street Club
Good Intent BvWalnut Tree A
Cherry Tree AvFirst & Last
Coach House BvWateringbury Club B
Aylesford ClubvBye
4th Sep 2024Brewer Street ClubvGood Intent B
Walnut Tree AvAylesford Club
First & LastvBye
Wateringbury Club BvCherry Tree A
ByevCoach House B
11th Sep 2024Walnut Tree AvBrewer Street Club
Good Intent BvFirst & Last
ByevWateringbury Club B
Cherry Tree AvBye
Aylesford ClubvCoach House B
18th Sep 2024 - Free Week
25th Sep 2024 - Doubles Knockout Cup
2nd Oct 2024 - Charity night / Captain's Cup
9th Oct 2024 - AGM / Presentation
16th Oct 2024 - Competition

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