Division Two – Fixtures/Results

25th May 2022Good Intent BvCoach House A
25th May 2022White Horse BvTovil Club A
25th May 2022East Farleigh Club AvWalnut Tree
25th May 2022Eagle BvWhite Horse A
1st Jun 2022Tovil Club AvGood Intent B
1st Jun 2022Walnut TreevWhite Horse B
1st Jun 2022White Horse AvEast Farleigh Club A
1st Jun 2022Coach House AvEagle B
8th Jun 2022Good Intent BvWalnut Tree
8th Jun 2022White Horse BvWhite Horse A
8th Jun 2022East Farleigh Club AvEagle B
8th Jun 2022Tovil Club AvCoach House A
15th Jun 2022White Horse AvGood Intent B
15th Jun 2022Eagle BvWhite Horse B
15th Jun 2022Coach House AvEast Farleigh Club A
15th Jun 2022Walnut TreevTovil Club A
22nd Jun 2022Good Intent BvEagle B
22nd Jun 2022White Horse BvEast Farleigh Club A
22nd Jun 2022Tovil Club AvWhite Horse A
22nd Jun 2022Walnut TreevCoach House A
29th Jun 2022East Farleigh Club AvGood Intent B
29th Jun 2022Coach House AvWhite Horse B
29th Jun 2022Eagle BvTovil Club A
29th Jun 2022White Horse AvWalnut Tree
6th Jul 2022Good Intent BvWhite Horse B
6th Jul 2022Tovil Club AvEast Farleigh Club A
6th Jul 2022Walnut TreevEagle B
6th Jul 2022White Horse AvCoach House A
13th Jul 2022 - FREE WEEK
20th Jul 2022Coach House AvGood Intent B
20th Jul 2022Tovil Club AvWhite Horse B
20th Jul 2022Walnut TreevEast Farleigh Club A
20th Jul 2022White Horse AvEagle B
27th Jul 2022Good Intent BvTovil Club A
27th Jul 2022White Horse BvWalnut Tree
27th Jul 2022East Farleigh Club AvWhite Horse A
27th Jul 2022Eagle BvCoach House A
3rd Aug 2022Walnut TreevGood Intent B
3rd Aug 2022White Horse AvWhite Horse B
3rd Aug 2022Eagle BvEast Farleigh Club A
3rd Aug 2022Coach House AvTovil Club A
10th Aug 2022Good Intent BvWhite Horse A
10th Aug 2022White Horse BvEagle B
10th Aug 2022East Farleigh Club AvCoach House A
10th Aug 2022Tovil Club AvWalnut Tree
17th Aug 2022Eagle BvGood Intent B
17th Aug 2022East Farleigh Club AvWhite Horse B
17th Aug 2022White Horse AvTovil Club A
17th Aug 2022Coach House AvWalnut Tree
24th Aug 2022Good Intent BvEast Farleigh Club A
24th Aug 2022White Horse BvCoach House A
24th Aug 2022Tovil Club AvEagle B
24th Aug 2022Walnut TreevWhite Horse A
31st Aug 2022White Horse BvGood Intent B
31st Aug 2022East Farleigh Club AvTovil Club A
31st Aug 2022Eagle BvWalnut Tree
31st Aug 2022Coach House AvWhite Horse A
7th Sep 2022 - FREE WEEK
14th Sep 2022 - Captains' Cup
21st Sep 2022 - Charity Night
28th Sep 2022 - AGM (Venue tbc)
5th Oct 2022 - Presentation Night (Venue tbc)

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