Membership is open to all pubs and clubs within a 5.1 mile distance (as the crow flies) of Maidstone Town Centre.  Any team/s within this radius will be accepted into the league if there is space for the team/s to join the league.
    The Committee may refuse or cancel membership without stating their reason.
    All teams must use a visible means of scoring games i.e. chalkboard or electronic scoreboard. (It is recommended that both teams monitor all scores being input, as any discrepancies must be rectified at the time of input.) Matches are to be played on the standard Trebles Board with a throwing distance of 7 feet 9¼ inches, at a height from the floor to the centre of the bull of 5 feet 8 inches.

    Start time is 8.45 pm. Standard B.D.O. MATCH RULES apply. Unless away team have notified they will be late, cut off time for no shows is 9pm. (General etiquette states, that where any team member(s) should be unavoidably delayed or otherwise detained, the opposition should be made aware, with alternative arrangements made where possible.)

    Darts Format:
    Singles : 6 x Singles games of best of 3 legs – 501 up, 1 point per game.
    Doubles : 3 x Doubles games of 1 leg – 601 up, 1 point per leg.
    Trebles : 2 x Trebles games of 1 leg – 701 up, 1 point per leg.
    All points will then be accumulated into the final score e.g., 7-4, 4-7 etc.
    Matches to be played in the following order:
    1st – Singles games, 2nd – Doubles games, 3rd – Trebles games.
    Away team to throw first in leg 1 and then the throw will alternate all the way through to the end.
    Final result must be sent by the home team to there respective secretary by the end of Friday at 6pm failing to do this will result in points being deducted.
    PLEASE NOTE: The leagues are now going to run concurrently
  4. Order of play will be decided by random lot i.e., each of the 6 players will draw a card or number from 1 to 6 to determine his/her playing position.
    Please note : The cards MUST be picked by the players in front of the opposing captain.
    Doubles teams will be nominated by the team captain to play in any order they wish. Home team will write their teams up first. Players can only play in a doubles pair once on match night.
    Teams are to consist of 3 different players nominated by the team captain. Home team will write up their team first. Once the players are nominated, teams cannot be changed or substituted.
    It is the responsibility of each team to check League Tables to see if there are any of their games missing or there is any other anomaly. If any team does not inform the respective Division Secretary inside 7 days then points will be deducted as per the results card ruling.
    There are 2 free weeks for cancelled games. Games that have to be cancelled can be played on these weeks or a different night of the week if division sec is notified of these changes.
    Games must be cancelled by 12pm on day of game.
    In the case of games not being played the committee will make a decision on these games at season end.
    A player can only play for one team in the M.T.C.D.L during a given season. In the event that a team folds, their players may be eligible to play for a different team in a different division. Only one player may be allowed to any given team. All potential changes must be communicated to the committee for a decision.
    Any player found to be breaking this rule will be suspended from playing for the rest of the season.
    If at the end of the season two teams are on the same points, the winner will be decided via count back. This is where the results between the two teams are compared and the team with the highest points will win.
    If a player or a team leaves the league for any reason before the end of the season then they are not eligible to play in any of the end of season cups.
  12. CUPS
    The singles and doubles cups will be division when the cups are drawn allowing a singles and pairs winner from each division
    League games must take priority if any games remain unplayed.
    The team cup will be spread across all divisions.  The teams losing their first game will be placed in the consolation cup.
    The captain’s cup is open to the captain(no replacements) and must be listed as so on registration form.
    All new teams will join the fourth division and will need to work their way through the leagues, in a normal league format. Any team leaving the league will be classed as a new team when reapplying to enter so therefore will start in division 4.
    Any problems that arise and the Team Captain feels that it should be brought to the attention of the Committee, should be put in writing and sent to a Committee Member (as listed above). Any other problems can be dealt with over the phone. THE COMMITTEES DECISION IS FINAL

NB: It is suggested that if playing for a ‘beer’ that it be done either via the singles i.e., loser buys opponent a drink or via the overall result i.e. losing “side” buys a member of the opposition a drink. Any teams not wishing to play for a ‘beer’ must inform the opposition prior to the start of the match. Where possible please use COMMON SENSE!

It is usual practice for the home team to supply some food for the teams to share, i.e. food is available for both teams and enough food should be left for team members who have not been able to reach it as quickly as others. Most venues also operate a ‘Bus-stop’ or ‘Seaside’ card and it is expected that both teams help to fill to cover the cost of some or all of the food.

Rules as of November 2017

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