League Tables



Division OneMatchesSinglesDoublesTriplesOverall
Wateringbury Club1041171371
Westborough Club A92915953
Swan A92812949
White Horse A924131047
Coach House A102314845
Cherry Tree A82210739
Aylesford Club101811433
Highest Out Shot - Dave (Westborough Club) 132

Division TwoMatchesSinglesDoublesTriplesOverall
Walnut Tree1038191269
Tovil Club A103517961
Tovil Club B1032141056
Cherry Tree B1022141450
Good Intent B92811948
Good Intent A92716548
First & Last8259943
White Horse B81511632
Highest Out Shot - Clyde ( Tovil Club B) 126

Division ThreeMatchesSinglesDoublesTriplesOverall
East Farleigh Club B1045241483
Brewer Street Club1046221482
Coach House B1030191160
Eagle B102515747
East Farleigh Club A102611845
Swan B102010838
Maidstone Snooker Club10208533
Highest Out Shot -Kevin (mwmc) 124

Division FourMatchesSinglesDoublesTriplesOverall
Duke of Marlborough943231783
Eagle A83112649
East Farleigh Club C926121048
Bearsted Club9299644
Westborough Club B81410832
Century Club
Highest Out Shot - Rob ( Eagle) 134

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