League Tables



Division OneMatchesSinglesDoublesTriplesOverall
Westborough Club A6239840
White Horse A62010535
Wateringbury Club A51611431
Swan A6166527
Cherry Tree A4116522
Walnut Tree A5136221
Tovil Club A575315
Highest Out Shot Charlie (Swan) 156

Division TwoMatchesSinglesDoublesTriplesOverall
Good Intent A62313642
Aylesford Club61910635
Coach House5206733
Brewer Street Club61711533
Tovil Club B6157628
East Farleigh Club B3116522
First & Last A5135422
Good Intent B585316
Highest Out Shot Gary (Mwmc) 129

Division ThreeMatchesSinglesDoublesTriplesOverall
Duke of Marlborough52211942
East Farleigh Club A72212539
Walnut Tree B5169530
Cherry Tree B5167326
White Horse B5146525
Maidstone Snooker Club5116724
East Farleigh Club C6126523
First & Last B4136322
Highest Out Shot Jason (First & Last) 119

Division FourMatchesSinglesDoublesTriplesOverall
Wateringbury Club B62717852
Swan B62312540
Eagle B6208635
Bearsted Club6168832
Westborough Club B6118928
Civil Service Club 5147223
Eagle A7166422
Highest Out Shot Jackie (Papermakers) 80

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